Optimistic Outlook from the Scottish Engineering Industry


Escape sponsored and attended the 2011 Scottish Engineering Dinner at the Marriott Hotel in Glasgow. As usual the event was very well attended with many of Scotland’s leading lights from the engineering and manufacturing sector present.

Scottish Engineering LogoInterestingly but not unexpectedly, the mood of the night was positive (and not just because of the availability of some great food and drink provided by the Marriott!). Most of the firms in attendance felt optimistic about the future of the industry in Scotland, and believed that despite the challenges and competition internationally, that their order books were strong and healthy into 2013, many put this down to some short-term factors like interest rates and the current export advantage but also to the ability of their Scottish workforces to rise to the challenges in the markets and to design and produce world-beating products.

The Award of the night for Scottish Engineering Company of the Year was deservedly won by Aggreko Generators who have been a trail blazer in mobile power generation manufacturing and are now a global leader in this marketplace all based from Dumbarton in Scotland!

Tom Sreeves the Director of Manufacturing accepted the award and spoke with great respect for the Aggreko team who have worked tirelessly and have transformed their business to make it the world beater that it is saying:

“I would like to pay tribute to the outstanding performance and flexibility of the workforce at Dumbarton who have responded so magnificently in building the equipment needed to underpin Aggreko’s continued rapid growth around the world. I would also like to thank the Aggreko board and indeed the Scottish Government for their confidence and support in helping to make Aggreko’s new manufacturing facility in Scotland a reality.”

The key-note speaker was Archie Bethel who is the Chief Executive of the Marine Division of Babcock International, Archie spoke very eloquently on the future of the Scottish engineering and manufacturing sector and the challenges faced including energy costs, labour availability, skills shortages. He also made a compelling argument for the continued upkeep of the Trident submarine base.

The after dinner entertainment was provided by Jim Robertson, who as a ‘roving’ Procurator Fiscal had many hilarious stories to share from all over Scotland.

Having been a member of Scottish Engineering for several years I was delighted to hear such a positive outlook from many of the attendees on the night and with confident predictions made from some of the industry’s key players it looks like the next 24 months will provide great opportunities for organisations and individuals within the Scottish Engineering sector.

You can contact Escape’s Engineering Team at engineering@go-escape.com and view our latest jobs in Engineering here.


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