Breadcrumbs, Cookies and Spiders – My Journey with our New Website

Escape Recruitment - our old website


It started off all so simple.

Our existing site had become unloved, unattended and old fashioned. It said nothing about us as a company and wasn’t helpful or engaging for jobseekers or hiring managers who visited the site.
So when my colleague Laura and I took the plunge to project manage the redesign and re-launch our site we had one goal :

“We want a new website which better reflects what Escape Recruitment is all about and is informative and helpful for our visitors”.

I also knew what I wanted: bright colours, pictures and simple buttons to point me in the right direction.

Easy, right?

First Lesson

I was soon to learn that there were a lot of other things that had to be looked at and considered in our quest to create a website that would be loved not just by our team, clients and candidates but by Google, Bing and the likes – apparently these guys are pretty powerful and they have a real interest in what we put on the site. I was also advised that if you don’t get it right they can come after you, and I’ve never even met any of them!

Through the various internal brainstorming sessions, meetings with web developers and feedback from testers; terms like SEO, Cookies (apparently not just a type of snack) and Spiders (!?!) became part of my daily conversation.

Escape Recruitment - our new websiteThe End Result

Our new site was officially launched this week and the feedback from clients, candidates and the team here has been great.

To help us achieve this we were fortunate enough to work with a web developer who understood our business. Recruitwise Technologies specifically develops sites for recruitment companies. Meaning they could talk in a language we understood (apart from the occasional reference to cookies and spiders!). Their experience in what clients and candidates looked for on recruitment sites helped us achieve a crucial part of our goal: ‘make it useful for our visitors’

Utilising the knowledge within our business also meant we could build content such as CV templates, Advice for Temporary Workers and the opportunity to register for Employment Law Updates. All of which we hope will be informative to (both human and spider) visitors and can be written in a language that reflects us.

And finally, with the help of Recruitwise’s development team and Mark Cameron Photography I got my bright colours and pictures. In fact we liked the photos so much our launch competition has been built around the pictures on our site.

What Next?

My final lesson was that the launch of a site is not the end. New content needs to be written regularly(all helps with a thing called SEO), and developments in technology need to be met. Already on our to-do lists are: making our site more mobile-friendly and creating AWR (Agency Worker Regulations) resources for clients and temporary workers.

What do you think?

We now have a new website that we as a team are genuinely very proud of, but of course whilst it’s great that our team enjoy the site we want to know what our clients and candidates think of it.

So why don’t you have a look and see what you think (don’t forget to enter our competition!).
If you have feedback I’d be delighted to hear from you or you can contact our web team through the form below.

Happy Browsing!


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