It’s a CV but not as we know it!

A template with individuality

Whilst most jobseekers may stick with the traditional CV there are some who prefer a more individual format such as the  ‘Video CV’. Now, not everyone will necessary feel comfortable in front of the camera or feel they have the technical or creative know-how to make an effective Video CV (unlike Graeme Anthony who made headlines earlier this year with his Video) but after spotting Prezi’s new CV template I wondered if there is something which offers the familiar content structure and  allows candidates to show their individuality, creativity and personality.

To let you see what it could look like we’ve created an example Prezi CV above based on the headings, format and images in the standard Prezi CV template. 

Whilst there’s the standard CV headers we’re used to seeing eg experience, contact details, skills and references, you can also see there is scope to incorporate in a lot more information AND personality. For example you could:

  • Upload a PDF CV
  • Include a hyperlink to your LinkedIn profile
  • Embed a youtube CV video
  • Use the organisation chart drawing tool to show the size and structure of your team
  • Use graphics and the story telling approach of prezi to demonstrate your personality

So what do you think?

As jobseekers and/or hiring managers would this type of CV or jobseeker introduction tool appeal to you?


3 thoughts on “It’s a CV but not as we know it!

  1. Jackie Cameron

    I could see how something like this might be really attractive to a hiring manager in a creative company. I think we might have a way to go for more traditional organisations. BUT that does not mean that we should not be open to ways of connecting the right people to the right jobs and I think that how we do it now could use a bit of refinement 🙂


    1. Laura Barnet Post author

      I agree, it may not be right for every situation or indeed for every jobseeker. Similar to video CVs I think it may be the creative companies and industries where this would work best although I can also see it helping jobseekers who are applying to a company speculatively. I see it more as a rounded introduction tool rather than just a CV. Will be interesting to see how (and if) CVs evolve with these new formats becoming more available.


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