5 tips for Recruiting this Winter

Escape Recruitment's Office in the SnowFollowing our recent blog with tips for “jobseeking in the snow” here are our tips from the team at Escape Recruitment to Hirers to make sure that no matter the weather you can keep your recruitment plans on track this year and start the new year with your essential new employees on-board.

1. Be Prepared!

This year many of us  have already stocked up on shovels and grit, but have you planned on how you can keep your recruitment strategy on track? If you’re working with an agency talk to them about contingency plans and any recruitment activity you know will be coming up. Do this as early as possible so there is extra time in the process should it be needed later on.

2. Finding Candidates

Do you need to adapt your strategy to fit the season? With shopping lists to get through, potentially snow to shovel and Christmas cards to write, candidates often become more passive at this time of year with many relying on agencies to take the initiative and contact them about new opportunities.

3. Conducting Interviews

Working in SnowFinding time to interview candidates can be difficult enough in good weather but what if you or they are snowed in at home?

We suggest speaking to your consultant about alternatives to the traditional face-to-face interviews. Telephone interviews are an easy alternative but if both parties have a webcam why not opt for a video interview?

Skype is a free video calling service and you can connect with Escape on our skype account: escape_recruitment.

4. Keeping in Contact

As always keeping in contact throughout the recruitment process is vital for all parties. It helps ensure candidates remain engaged and motivated and that you have the most up to date information and everyone understands the progress of the recruitment process.
Last year many people changed their normal working practices as a result of the snow. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you have the right contact details in case you or your consultant can’t make it into the office. How will you contact each other if that happens this year?

(Just so you know, you’ll always been able to find out from our switchboard, 01506 461445,  if Escape offices are open and if they’re not what is the best way to contact your consultant. We’ll also update our LinkedIn, Twitter, company Facebook page and website with details on how to get in touch so our candidates and clients can always reach us!)

5. References

So you’ve found your ideal candidate but before you finalise the offer you need to take references. What if their referee is also snowed in at home and can’t be reached? Rather than wait for the thaw why not get us to get the references you need in advance. (If you’re working with us we’re happy to seek references at any stage of the process for you!)

Happy Hiring this season and if you have any tips from your experience last year let us know in the comments below or email us at blog@go-escape.com

Escape will be working throughout the winter season and will keep you posted on our LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and website news  pages if there are any changes to our regular operations


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