what a job: baby goat cuddler

What a job! Baby Goat Cuddler

At Escape we know a lot about different jobs. However every now and then we find out
about a job that makes us stop in our tracks.

Whether it’s something that’s just a little more unusual, a once in a lifetime dream job or a job we never knew existed, we thought we’d share some of the more fascinating, unusual or down right bizarre roles we hear about.

This month: Baby Goat Cuddlers.

Yes, this is actually a job!

A farm in Virginia has posted an advert looking for volunteers to snuggle its baby goats.

With over 120 goats, Caromont Farm needed help bottle-feeding and cuddling the new arrivals after discovering that 90 baby goats will be born this February.

Duties will also include dressing the goats in tiny sweaters, keeping the herd warm and dry and cleaning the equipment and pens. As well as appealing to those with an interest in farming or animal care the advert does say it’s a great opportunity for “anyone who has a lot of love to share!”.

Izzy Zechini, the sales and events manager at the Caromont told The Washington Post “It’s cold, it’s winter, there are going to be a lot of babies. Our main goal is to just keep them healthy and warm”.

Unsurprisingly they have been inundated with volunteers looking to take up a position on the farm and if you were considering a career change yourself, we’re sorry to say that all positions are now filled….maybe next year?  Until then you can enjoy Good Morning America’s video of the goats:

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