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We love engineers…..because they are real-life superheroes

Previously we shared the story of how an Electrical Engineer built a real life Mjolnir and proved he was worthy of Thor’s Hammer. This month we’ve found another of the Avengers in the form of Mechanical Engineer, James Hobson from Canada.

Hobson, who describes himself as a “Hacksmith”, built himself an Iron Man-style exoskeleton in his garage. Wearing his pneumatic legs, he can be seen in his Youtube video demonstrating his newly created superhuman strength by lifting a Mini Cooper, weighing 1145kb, a foot off the ground.

The task seemed a breeze to the real-life Tony Stark, who explained in his blog that:

“like most engineers, I work best under pressure”, “Getting the strength to lift a car was quite easy. I had a pair of 63mm bore diameter pneumatic cylinders, which at 125PSI are capable of lifting over 800lbs a piece”.

In an earlier video, Hobson was seen lifting barbell weights of 170lbs (80kg) whilst wearing an upper body exoskeleton and he isn’t finished yet; he plans on combining both the upper and lower body exoskeletons, refining the design so it’s more flexible and fit for multi-purpose use.

So who will we find next? An Engineer who creates Captain America’s shield, Black Widow’s bracelets or perhaps Hawkeye’s bow and arrow? Let’s just hope it’s not one who we won’t like when he’s angry!

Know another reason to love engineers and engineering?

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