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What a job! Joke Detectives

At Escape we know a lot about different jobs. However every now and then we find out
about a job that makes us stop in our tracks.

Whether it’s something that’s just a little more unusual, a once in a lifetime dream job or a job we never knew existed, we thought we’d share some of the more fascinating, unusual or down right bizarre roles we hear about.

This month: Joke Detectives

The British Library has put a call out for volunteer “joke detectives” to search through books and newspapers to find out if Victorians were indeed, despite their namesake, Queen Victoria, amused by jokes.

In the hunt to understand the humorous side of what has been described as a forgotten part of British history, Dr Bob Nicholson from Edge Hill University says “when it comes to humour; our ancestors don’t have a sparkling reputation, but far from being humourless, it turns out that the Victorians were prolific joke writers. Some of them, dare I say it, were even quite funny”.

With jokes shared using the hashtag #VictorianJokes, you can make your own mind up on just how hilarious  historical humour actually is.

If you think you could be the Poirot of Puns or Columbo of Comedy you can find out more through their YouTube video below and if you find a joke worth sharing, tweet it to Dr Nicholson using the #VictorianJokes hashtag or email it to

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