Meet the team: Duncan Clark

Duncan Clark

As we’re always interviewing other people we thought it might make for a change to interview ourselves! Each month we’ll pick a member of the Escape team for a 60 second interview. So this month, let’s meet Duncan……

Name:  Duncan Clark

Job Title & Team:  Design Engineering Recruitment Consultant – Engineering & Manufacturing Division

What do you do? I recruit within the Design & Development sector in Scotland. This covers a whole host of skill-sets such as; Mechanical Design Engineers, Project Engineers and Engineering Managers to name but a few.

How did you get into Recruitment?  After a stint at University and having had two other jobs; one with my father’s business and at MGT (Call Centre), I felt it was time to get into something that would test me. I met one of Escape’s Directors, Paul Leishman, at a social event and he planted the seed and asked me what I knew about recruitment. I investigated it (being a high C (conscientious) if you are familiar with DiSC profiling), and then applied for a trainee role with Escape. Four interviews and a presentation later and I got the job, and I’m still here after nearly 7 years.

What did you want to be when you grew up? I had always wanted to be an actor. I did well at Higher Drama and amateur dramatics and took to the stage doing stand-up comedy at 15 until a few years back. Thankfully I pursued a much more conventional career (if you can call it that) as competing with the Ryan Gosling’s of the world might have been a bit tough!”

What was your first job? My first job was as a paperboy at my local newsagents. I started this job aged 12 and carried it right through until I was 16, by which point I organised the paper rounds in the shop. I think having the responsibility to do a job and understanding the value of earning money is good at a young age.

What are you working on now? I am working with two very exciting and similar campaigns for clients who are building and setting up ‘brand-new’ facilities in the central belt. I feel very privileged to be a part of it. It’s also excellent news for the Scottish Engineering market.

 “I take great satisfaction in delivering for my customers. For me, this means both my clients and candidates.” 

What do you love most about recruitment? I take great satisfaction in delivering for my customers. For me, this means both my clients and candidates. The delight when someone gets news of their dream job and how pleased the company is to have the right person in the right role is a great feeling.

What’s your top tip for jobseekers? When sending a CV try to highlight your strengths in line with the specific job requirements. It’s perhaps easy to look at a job description and think ‘I could do that’. However, if you send your CV, and there is nothing written on it suggesting this, then prospective employers will discard very quickly. This is your first opportunity to make an impression, make it a big one!

….and finally: What 3 words would your colleagues use to describe you?    “Amazing”, “Fantastic”, “Wonderful” (tongue planted firmly in cheek)

Well we asked them and here’s what they said:   Knowledgeable, Funny, Quirky*, Decisive, Happy, Helpful and Unique

*confirmed as a positive comment in reference to your personality as well as your funky socks and hair styles!

Oh and one colleague did describe you as being “like an elephant” or “powered by google” as you remembered so much information.

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