Scottish Employment Rate Growing …..and so are we

News Paper It’s official, employment in Scotland is continuing to increase and with latest figures showing Scottish unemployment fell by 11,000 in the three months to May to 205,000 the Office for National Statistics (ONS) now confirm that the unemployment rate in Scotland was 7.6% which is below the UK average of 7.7%.

So the “green shoots” the recruitment sector, amongst others, whispered about during 2010 (scared we’d frighten it off if we spoke too loudly) seem to be turning into much more tangible evidence of real growth for the Scottish industry.

First Minister Alex Salmond commented recently that

 “these are positive figures, with employment in Scotland rising and unemployment falling at seven times the rate as in the rest of the UK”

adding a note of caution that “there can be absolutely no room for complacency”.

Evidence from our experience

At Escape we’ve also seen positive activity in many industry sectors as well as our candidate marketplace. Not just an increase in vacancies but several other key indicators including an increase in speed in the recruitment process, multiple offers for candidates, increased applications from job movers not just job seekers and probably most encouraging, an increase in the number newly created jobs.

Impact on hiring organisations

Increasing competition in hiring markets means organisations need to ensure they are able to react quickly when recruiting and be in a position to offer candidates real reasons to choose to work for them.

Job security remains important for jobseekers and movers however we are seeing a return to candidates showing a wider range of needs and wants when it comes to moving jobs.

We’re Hiring….for us!

And it’s had an impact on us too. It’s meant that we also are joining the companies enjoying growth and expanding their teams. To meet our client’s increased recruitment activity we are excited to be adding to our teams in Livingston, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

As a recruitment consultancy of course it’s great to be working with industries and companies experiencing growth, but it’s also pretty great to be part of the growth ourselves!

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