Another Year of Optimism for Scottish Engineering

Scottish Engineering Awards ProgrammeEscape was delighted to sponsor and attend the 2012 Scottish Engineering Dinner at the Marriott Hotel in Glasgow.  This year attendance was up by 25% on last year with over 450 guests and speakers making their way on a rainy Glasgow night to the venue. Many of Scotland’s leading businesses and Escape clients were represented and a real air of positivity was evident.

Despite the signs of economic gloom from Europe it seems that we are still punching above our weight in the global marketplaces and this was evident in some of the stories of the winners.

The main winner of the night was Wood Group which employs over 41,000 people and is a global player in the oil and gas services business.  The key message from Robin Watson, Head of UK Operations for Wood Group was that people were the key to their success. The business hires over 100 graduates and trainees every year and offers structured and personalised development plans to each individual employee –  a lesson for us all.

Other very deserving winners included Alexander Dennis which has rejuvenated itself as one of the Scottish Engineering Logoworld’s leading bus design and manufacturing businesses and this year will turn over just shy of £500m, Bridge Of Weir Leather, Clansman Dynamics, Howden Compressors, Peak Scientific Instruments, Penman Engineering and Weir Group.

Michael Moore, Secretary of State for Scotland had some interesting things to say around the independence debate and while some of this was thought provoking, would have been better spoken from a political podium rather than the key awards night of the Scottish Engineering industry.  It would have been good to hear more about what the Government is going to do to support our manufacturing and engineering sector!

The after dinner entertainment was provided by Bill Barclay who finished the evening off with laughter and some risqué comedy moments.

A huge thanks and well done to Scottish Engineering for organising and hosting such a successful event, it really is fantastic to see our Scottish Engineering businesses celebrating a resurgence globally, long may it continue.


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