8 ways to help recruiters find you (and your CV!)

Hire Me SignAs recruiters we always look to connect with individuals who are interested in new career opportunities and have the skills, experience and qualifications our clients are looking for. So whilst we search through databases, build our networks and connect with jobseekers, how can you make sure that we find you…..and your CV?

There are many different ways to promote your job search these days including creative options such as the production of video CVs like Graeme Anthony’s CVIV (Curriculum Vitae Interactive Video).

There are also lots of easy ways you can ensure you and your CV are found by recruiters operating in your industry – here are just a few tips we hope will help!

1. Register Your CV

Our top tip is to register with a recruiter who is experienced in your industry. Even if we aren’t advertising a specific role you are interested in, if you can see we are working in your industry sector then register with us for future opportunities. Not all recruiters will advertise every single job they are working on. Registering your CV will help make sure you don’t miss out.

2. …..And keep your CV updated so we can reach you

As well as keeping recruiters updated with changes to your experience and qualifications be sure to you let them know about any new contact details, changes to your availability or indeed the type of work you are looking for. Otherwise when your dream job comes up you may not get that phonecall!

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a great tool to use if you want recruiters to get in touch with you but remember there are over 9 million members in the UK alone. There are lots you can do to help recruiters find your profile such as: make connections, join & participate in groups, include skills, key words and contact details on your profile and follow recruitment companies. (There are several diferent social networks that you can successfully use to promote your job search such as Twitter and Facebook. We’ve highlighted LinkedIn as we believe it’s the online network recruiters are most likely to use when searching for candidates).

4. Register on databases

Like many recruiters we use a number of online databases as part of our search strategy so register your CV on popular national, local and industry specific databases. Look to see if the job boards you’ve been looking at offer the opportunity to register your CV with them.

5. Attend job fairs

Check out local press, job centres and relevant industry bodies for information on relevant job fairs. Bring copies of your CV (with your contact details) with you to give to recruiters attending the event.

6. Don’t forget to check your email

Did you give your email address to your recruitment consultancy or sign up for job alerts? Very often updates with new opportunities come to you by email first so make sure you check your account regularly so you don’t miss out!

7. Use your CV

As is often said these days “Content is King!”. Help recruiters find your CV on databases and recognise your suitability for their role by using relevant keywords, keeping it clear and concise and including all relevant skills, achievements, experience and technologies/equipment you have used.

8. Use your personal network

It can be helpful to make sure your network knows you are looking for a new opportunity in case recruiters ask them for recommendations. A recent survey showed us Scots to be 10 per cent more likely to suggest a friend for a job than in other areas in the UK and that three in four of us have shared the news of an upcoming position with a friend or family member

We hope these tips help and to make sure Escape Recruitment have your details and can get in touch with you, register your CV with us at www.go-escape.com and update your account details to tell us what you are looking for.


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