2015: That was the year that was……

Key DatesAs we come to the end of 2015 we thought we’d take a look back at the year and share just some of the stories, achievements and highlights from the world of Engineering and Manufacturing.

January –  Whilst January saw the beginning of Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink, the Scotsman started the year with an eye-catching story for Scottish Engineers (and Engineering Recruiters!)

February – The world was divided as we tried to decide on the colour of “the dress”. Were you team gold/white or blue/black? Meanwhile:

March  As George Osborne delivered the sixth and final budget of the Conservative–Liberal Democrat coalition we found out the answer to this question:

AprilFrom clear Marmite to Park-and-Zorb schemes, not forgetting Google’s Pacman game the month started with a few April Fools! And speaking of creativity:

May The General Election dominated most of the headlines this month but there were other memorable stories too:

June – June was slightly longer than normal with the fourth leap second since 2000 added to the last day of the month, and whilst time was leaping there were others jumping:

July –  The BBC shared that UK unemployment had risen for the first time in two years.

August –  As many celebrated the record number of higher passes awarded to Scottish pupils, engineers shared an important lesson:

September – NASA announced that liquid water flows Mars, and in keeping with the theme of liquids in space:

October – Back to the Future Day arrived and we were all just a little disappointed not to be travelling to work in flying cars.

November – Storm Abigail, the first of the A-Z named storms, hit the UK and Glasgow Engineer took the competition by storm:

December – Tim Peake becomes Britain’s first astronaut to fly to the International Space Station. Meanwhile, a little closer to home, for a lot of Scottish businesses, commuters and Engineers there was one particularly memorable headline for the month of December:

What headlines and highlights will you remember from 2015? Let us know in the comments below.


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