engineers christmas party

Reasons we love engineers : They know how to throw a Christmas Party!

The Engineers at Dyson take their festive celebrations seriously….very seriously!


With employees (engineers and non-engineers) working through the night, like Santa’s Elves in their workshop, they create unique and amazing costumes in hopes of being crowned winner at the Christmas party.

The annual event is a chance for everyone to show off their engineering skills as well as enjoying some festive competition with their colleagues.

But it’s hard work. At least one costume, a half-eagle, half-man creation with mechanical wings, took 48 hours to make, with it’s creator building three separate prototypes before completing his final design.

The video from 2013 and the Facebook gallery from 2014, both shown below, prove just howDancing Santa creative and competitive the Dyson employees can be. The theme for one party was “topsy turvy” and in amongst flying pigs, roller coasters and Tetris pieces, there was one Santa costume, but this was no ordinary Santa costume, this Old Saint Nick was in a handmade, upside down robotic sleigh!

With one employee saying they planned to fly into the next party, we can only wait to see what they’ll be making for Christmas 2015!

Know another reason to love engineers and engineering?

Get in touch with Escape’s Engineering team: 

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