Positive posts – Innovation, Collaboration, Production and Support

What a couple of weeks it’s been. Between sobering news headlines, endless daily briefings and uninterrupted social media it’s safe to say most of the messages we’ve all been seeing have not been the most uplifting. However, if you look for it, there have been some pretty amazing stories out there of companies and individuals doing what they can to help front line staff, essential workers and well, all of us really.

From keeping essential products stocked, the food manufacturing supply chain going and donating goods to those who need them, to finding innovative solutions and adapting skills, knowledge and equipment to make the tools and resources most needed right now, it’s been incredible to see the swift actions and adaptability of so many. The commitment to putting people before profits has been impressive.

Now don’t get us wrong, we know companies need to make money and consider profit, which just makes the work many of these organisations and teams are doing at a time when there’s more pressure than ever on businesses even more reassuring to see.

So, ICYMI* as they say, here’s a round up of some of the stories my colleagues and I spotted and shared last week from our #positiveposts #engineerstotherescue and #helpthemakers series over on our Escape Recruitment Services page.

You’re sure to spot other stories – we’d love you to share them with us so we can highlight them in our future posts and help spread some much-needed positive news with others.

Innovation and collaboration:

Production and operations:


Donations of goods to help or simply to provide a kindness to people working at the front line:

There have also been companies supporting workers in their industry directly impacted by the lockdown:

And other organisations reaching out to vulnerable customers personally:

Not forgetting, of course, the many companies big and small committing production facilities and resources to making hand sanitiser. Here’s just a few:


*if you’re not down with the lingo, it means “in case you missed it”



Author: Andrew Dow |Senior Consultant | Engineering, Manufacturing & Supply Chain   | 07769 970786



2 thoughts on “Positive posts – Innovation, Collaboration, Production and Support

  1. lewy1983

    I would like to say big thanks to Escape in particular Natalia for looking after me during my work time with them. She was always happy to answer all my questions, very quick to reply, professional and keen to help. The best agency I ever work for, I would recommend their service to anyone.
    Thank you for looking after me.



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