Administrative Professionals Day 2022

Today, 21st April 2022, is Administrative Professionals Day. The day to acknowledge the work of administrators, receptionists, secretaries, Personal and Executive Assistants, Client Services and many others working in professional administrative roles.

Originally started back in 1952 as a way to encourage more women to become secretaries (yes, we know!) the day was designed to promote the values and importance of the job that secretaries do.

Throughout the years the name and scope of the day has changed. It is now known as Administrative Professionals Day, covers a much wider range of roles and of course, it’s no longer just women the day or the field is aimed at!

Administration is core in all organisations and the requirements are often highly specialised but of course there are still some core skills that were probably just as valued back in 1952 as they are today and to mark this years’ day, we thought we’d have a look at just some of these , demonstrated by some well-known and well-loved fictional admin professionals

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Confidence – Gina Linetti – Office Secretary – Brooklyn Nine Nine
Gina Linetti was not short of confidence in herself or in the power of her team, The Nine Nine! Okay she might not be a “team player” in terms of pulling her weight or even doing any basic tasks at all, for example asking “Is there any way I could skip doing that, and instead not do that?”. But if there’s a chant of “nine nine” or any of her team is in trouble you know she’s she’s right there and she’ll even take on the role of police officer…even if she’s not actually supposed to do that.

Understand the goal – Marc St James – Personal Assistant – Ugly Betty
Marc knows his boss’s goals and although most of us (hopefully!) wouldn’t be up for playing any part in them, luckily for Wilhelmina Slater she has a Personal Assistant who is (or at least was) more than on board and knows exactly how his role fits in to this bigger picture.

Teamwork – Doralee Rhodes, Judy Bernly and Violet Newstead – Nine to Five
Of course the reason Doralee, Judy and Violet had to work so closely as a team is they had accidently nearly killed then kidnapped their boss, the dreadful and misogynistic Mr Hart. Now we hope that this scenario is not too relatable but given everything they got done during that time, introduction of flexi-time, an onsite creche, maternity leave and more, all with no slip ups or anyone finding out, it shows just what great team work can achieve.

Confidentiality – Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth – Batman
Even his own job is pretty confidential. Most would see him as simply Alfred the Butler, but as the secret keeper for Batman, there’s got to be a lot of admin work involved in running the Bat Cave, Wayne Manor Estate and being a PA to a man with two identities! Always unflappable (no cape related puns intended), Alfred ensures everything is running smoothly behind the scenes, keeping all of Master Bruce and the Dark Knight’s secrets safe and secure.

Your own goals and opportunities – Pepper Potts – PA – Iron Man
Pepper began her career at Stark Industries as Personal Secretary before being promoted to Business Advisor and finally CEO. Okay, along the way she ended up with quite a lot on non-traditional responsibilities including joining the Avengers in the Battle of Earth but even including that, it shows that you should always remember your own goals and making sure they don’t get lost along the way. (Note: while we offer a range of jobs with great prospects for development and growth we cannot guarantee any will come with any opportunities to become an actual superhero).

Keeping calm in an emergency! – Janine Melnitz – Receptionist – Ghostbusters
Who you gonna call? Janine Melnitz!
With everyone encouraged to phone you (or these days, email, text, tweet, etc etc) whenever they see something strange in their neighbourhood, we would imagine being receptionist to the Ghostbusters would certainly ensure you need a particularly calm telephone manner and the ability to handle a real emergency.

Anyone we’ve missed?
Let us know if there’s a famous administrative professional we missed and what made them so great at their job (or at least entertaining to watch!).

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

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