Dear Santa…

Santa LetterWhat would you put in letter to Santa if he could bring you your dream job this year?

We’ve always known that salary is just one factor in whether people are happy or unhappy in their job and only one of the things people consider when accepting a new job offer.

We also know that what’s important to one person might not be of interest to another but after reading various surveys, blogs and polls online and speaking to our colleagues about what jobseekers and employees value in their job here’s what we think might be in many jobseekers’ letters this Christmas….

Why not vote for what you’d wish for in our poll at the end of this post.

1. Security

After the economic uncertainty of the last few years employees and jobseekers continue to want to know that companies are secure and there’s no risk of redundancies. Being able to share news of company growth certainly gets people’s attention!

2. Development

Career paths, training programmes, mentors and the opportunity to learn new skills is also important to many employees and jobseekers at all levels of their career.

3. Colleagues & Culture

Knowing you will be working with people you enjoy working with and in a culture you can relate to can be reassuring to many jobseekers. Nearly 40% of respondents (759 people) on a recent LinkedIn poll said that the people we work with determine our happiness in our job. Our candidates often comment on whether they could see themselves working for the company & manager after their interview. It seems first impressions can work both ways.

4. Purpose

It’s good to feel like you’re accomplishing something and that there is a real purpose to what you are doing. As Alexander Hiam, author of Business Innovation for Dummies says “What people want most is the chance to make a difference”.

5. Work/Life Balance

This can mean different things to different people. One survey showed that work/life balance is in the top 3 most important factors for 1st time jobseekers with another report stated that “generation Y is looking for a synergy between their personal life and professional life”.

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6. Recognition

Recognition can take various forms from a simple “Well done!” to wider acknowledgement at company meetings, providing relevant performance appraisals or giving rewards or competition prizes.

7. Challenge

One reason many jobseekers come onto the market is they feel they have achieved all they can with their current employer or in their current role. Whilst others may be demotivated by seemingly mundane or unproductive work.

8. Communication

As is often said, communication is a two way street. Many jobseekers and employees may value the chance to have their ideas and opinions heard. Additionally transparent and open communication from managers and the company itself will also appeal to many.

9. Support

Support can come in many shapes from having a manager who will spend time training and mentoring you or an induction programme that gives you the best start in a new role to simply knowing your manager and colleagues are behind you if things go wrong.

10. Compensation

Of course even with all these other factors having appropriate compensation will always be part of the equation. The right salary, bonus and benefits package can not only help companies when recruiting but can also play an important role in employee motivation. For example will a low basic/high commission motivate or scare people and would an improved benefits package be more appealing than a change to basic salary?

We all value different things in our job, vote for what’s important to you or tell us what else you would add to this list in the comments below.


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