New Year Resolutions for Your Job Search in 2012

Job Application FormGetting a New Job is holding firm as one of the UKs most popular New Year Resolutions, coming in below “saving money” and above “spending more time with people who matter”.

Here are a few tips to help make sure you stick to this resolution in 2012 even when we’ve all given up on our new regime of “eating healthy” and “going to the gym”!

1. Set Clear Goals

As with any goal we set ourselves it helps to have a clear aim in mind and identify specific steps we can take to achieve it. Specific objectives could include:

  • Contacting 2 new people a week who can help with your job search (try our team on LinkedIn!)
  • Request and act on feedback to all applications
  • Update your recruitment consultant with your latest CV
  • Create and update a Job Search spreadsheet to keep track of contacts, applications and opportunities

2. Understand What’s Important To You

Really understand what it is you are looking for in your next opportunity. As we discussed in a recent blog there are many different factors to consider from job security, development opportunities, culture and work-life balance as well as the right job remit with the right compensation! Whilst you might not get everything on your wish list (it is important to be realistic!) knowing what is important can help focus your search and ask the right questions along the way.

3. Stay Positive

This isn’t just about maintaining your motivation to search for new opportunities, fill in application forms or answer interview questions, which of course can be challenging in itself, but it’s also about how you present yourself to prospective employers and recruiters. If you are unhappy where you are it’s easy to focus on the reasons you want to leave your current employer rather than showing why you want to work for the new employer. Likewise if you have been out of work for a while, remind yourself (and of course hirers/recruiters) of your strengths and achievements and the reasons you believe you are right for the job.

(Have a read of Paul’s blog post on Being Happy for more positivity tips!)

4. Try Something New

Not finding the opportunities you want to see? CV not getting the feedback you want? Why not try a different approach eg refresh or tailor your CV, trying phone rather than always emailing contacts, register with an agency, actively build professional relationships in your industry, ask your network for ideas to help your job search or research hints and tips for jobseekers for more ideas.

5. Review Yourself

When you are applying for jobs you are demonstrating to recruiters and hirers that you are the right person for their job. Therefore make sure you know how to show that you are!

Often job seekers will focus on researching and reviewing the company and job they are applying for but forget to really think about their own experiences, what they have achieved and how they achieved it.

6. Get Social

No list of tips for job searching in 2012 would be complete without some mention of social networking! Finding tools and sites that work for you can be a great asset when searching for new opportunities. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter amongst others can be helpful in finding and being found by recruiters and hirers, as well as getting advice and building relevant professional relationships.
If you’ve not tried it already give it a go…why not start by connecting with our teams :

FacebookTwitter @scotlandjobsLinkedIn 

These are just a few ideas on how you can stick to your job search resolutions. We’d love to hear any hints and tips you have, why not share in the comments box below.


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