4 Reasons to Recruit in December

Working in SnowWith less than a month before Christmas Day and only a few weeks left in the year there are some things worth putting off till the New Year resolution lists come round but your recruitment plans shouldn’t be one of them.

Starting the New Year with your selected candidate on-board (or nearly on the way!) is often a great boost to the team as they return from their break and a great time of year to start a new career. You know what they say “New Year, New Career!”.

Think it’s tricky to recruit in December? Here are some reasons why it can actually work in your favour:

1. Candidate Availability

In December: Candidates may have time booked off already making interviews easier to organise

Potential candidates from down south/overseas may be in Scotland for the festive period – perfect chance for a face to face meeting

After New Year: Potentially more difficult for candidates to get time off for interview having just come back from Christmas break

2. Interviewer Availability

In December: Often Hiring Managers find they have more time to accommodate interviews

After New Year: Back to work and having to balance this and with the usual January to-do lists with finding time for recruitment can be challenging.

3. Resignation Timings

In December: It means resignations are made and the clock can start ticking on their notice period while you are on Christmas break!

After New Year: Before you know it you’ll be into February before your new start can join you.

4. End this year on a high AND start next year on a high

Great feeling for you to have offers made and accepted prior to January.

Great for your new employee to join your team at the start of a new year!

Happy Hiring this season from the team at Escape!

Read our blog for tips on recruiting this winter and remember Escape will be working throughout the winter season and will keep you posted on our LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and website news  pages if there are any changes to our regular operations


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