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Director at Escape Recruitment Services based in Livingston, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Back to School….

BlackboardLast week I returned to my old school, Kirkcaldy High, for the first time since leaving as a sixth year pupil back in 1991. My colleague Laura and I had been invited by Audrey Diamond, Kirkcaldy High’s Principal Teacher of Guidance to take part in their 5th year student’s induction day. It was a fantastic event aimed at inspiring the 15 and 16 year olds to make the most of their year ahead by focussing on a number of key themes including enterprise, employability and creating opportunities for their own success and development. Continue reading


Can it be learned or are “the best” just naturals?

Golf  school lessonsI had a healthy discussion with my colleague this morning about an article in The Times looking at Bubba Watson’s triumph in the US Masters in which the journalist praised the fact that Bubba is “self – taught” and had “never had a golf lesson in his life”. The article concentrated on the fact that no one had shown him how to grip the club, control his swing or moulded him with their ideas rather than his own.
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Being Happy….

I have always loved books on positivity and was fortunate enough to attend an event last week organised by the YPO/Entrepreneurial Exchange . The workshop was hosted by one of the YPO’s best speakers Shawn Achor, author of the highly acclaimed ‘The Happiness Advantage’. He is a former Harvard lecturer and has studied the principals of being positive and happy within the home and work place. Continue reading

Monthly Roundup – October 2011

Halloween marks the end of October and the end of another positive and busy month at Escape. With new members of our team flourishing, new industry regulations coming into force and a change in season here’s an update on what we’ve been up to in the last four weeks. Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Escape Recruitment LogoNo I haven’t got my dates wrong, last Friday was the end of Escape’s tenth year in business. This of course means that this week is the start of our new financial year and it brings with it the same sense of excitement and anticipation that it has always done. Continue reading

Breadcrumbs, Cookies and Spiders – My Journey with our New Website

Escape Recruitment - our old website


It started off all so simple.

Our existing site had become unloved, unattended and old fashioned. It said nothing about us as a company and wasn’t helpful or engaging for jobseekers or hiring managers who visited the site.
So when my colleague Laura and I took the plunge to project manage the redesign and re-launch our site we had one goal :

“We want a new website which better reflects what Escape Recruitment is all about and is informative and helpful for our visitors”.

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Passport, tickets and mobile phone…..?

Passport & PhoneDoes your phone deserve a break too?

I look forward to heading off on Saturday to the sunny island of Ibiza with my wife, kids and parents for a relaxing two weeks in the sun (not the party centre of San Antonio although my wife & I may consider it one evening!), not only as it gives me a chance to spend time with my children, my wife and catch up with the folks but because….. I don’t take my phone!

“The phone stays at home in a drawer untouched and unloved for two weeks” Continue reading

The Apprentice – Behaviours and Personalities

Business Partner not Boss!

As you are perhaps aware the new series of The Apprentice 2011 is different from previous seasons as the winner will not receive a job from Lord Sugar, but a £250,000 start-up investment that will see the pair enter into a working relationship on an equal basis. This begs the question :

Will the winner accept Lord Sugars direct management style or
will he have to adapt to be a Business Partner rather than a Boss?

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New Director at Escape

Escape Recruitment LogoMark Mackill – New Escape Director

Mark has been a key member of the senior management team since joining Escape in 2008. He has been instrumental in driving the public sector business within our organisation, developing the professional services divisions and establishing lasting relationships with key clients across the business.

He brings to the board a wealth of industry experience and is a welcomed addition as we look to further strengthen our place in the Scottish Recruitment market place.

You can learn more about Mark and connect with him on LinkedIn